SNF is directed under controlled by three tire of management system those are the General Body (GB), Executive Committee (EC) and Senior Management Team (SMT).

The General Body:

General Body (GB) is the supreme authorityof the organization.General Body (GB) is complies with the declared policy, vision, mission, goals and objectives of the organization.They are elected the Executive body.They also approved the annual budget and appointed the external audit firm to furnished audit activities for respective financial year.

The Executive Body:

The number of members of Executive Committee (EC) is 7 (seven). Among them six are elected by the members of General Body (GB) and the Executive Director works as the General Secretary by ex-officio. The Executive Body is elected for a period of three (03) years from a body of 17 general members, whose are from different professions. The Executive Members contribute to the selection of the President. They always cooperate with the President and Secretary/ Executive Director for smooth and effective functioning of the organizational mechanism.

Senior Management Team (SMT):

Senior Management Team (SMT) is the focal & key actor for making policies, activity implementation process in the field level is consists of Department Head of the organization. All types of decision, direction and management of activities are handled by and the Executive Director leads this team. They take initiatives to prepare the draft of annual report, financial report, proposed budget and different policies & strategies on social development prospects and presented those to EC meeting for review and finalized.