Micro Finance Projects

Projects Under Microfinance:

  • Agriculture and Fisheries &Livestock Unit (AU & FLU)
  • Upp-ujjibito
  • Kuwait Goodwill Fund (KGF)
  • PACE (Imitation Gold Jewelry) Project
  • Skill for Employment Investment Program (SEIP)
  • Adolescent Program
  • Social Advocacy and knowledge Dissemination Unit
  • Life-stylw development program for the Elderly people
  • Learning and Innovation Fund to Test New Ideas (LIFT)
  • Sustainable Enterprise Project (SEP)
  • Microenterprise Development Project (MDP)
  • Microenterprise Development Project (MDP-AF)


ENRICH is a program conducted at the grassroots level focusing for overall household development of the poor based on a ‘One Union One PO’ principle. The program targets poor families, working with them to enhance and maximize the utilization of their resources and skills.

ENRICH aims to alleviate poverty not only through income generation but through a holistic approach targeting other crucial aspects of human life including health, education, youth development, community development etc. the goal being sustainable development driven by the people themselves. Project is implemented from 01 September 2014 to on wards.


The overall vision that underpins the ENRICH is to work with the poor to create an enabling environment for them to achieve a humanly dignified living standard and enjoy universal human rights.


The program is human being-centric and flexible. Innovations and appropriate modifications, based on differing ground realities, relevant experiences, and new ideas are encouraged. Human dignity of everybody is the ultimate goal.


The vulnerability and persistence of poverty among the rural households have always been the focus of attention for development agencies of different categories for providing coping strategies that would empower the local communities with improved and increased access to resources for a sustainable impact.

From November’ 2013 Shishu Niloy Foundation (SNF) is implementing the program. The project mission’s is to lastly reduce hunger and poverty from Bangladesh.

Overall Objective: Sustainable reduced hunger and poverty in Bangladesh.

 Specific Objective: Sustainable graduation from ultra-poverty of nearly 325,000 vulnerable and women-headed households. Graduation from ultra-poverty is taken to imply not rising above the lower poverty line, but actually achieving household nutrition security, non-food purchasing power, improved asset base and social status.

Overall impact of UPP program:

  • Poverty has reduced
  • Increased employment creation
  • Own resources have created
  • Production has increased by using modern technology
  • Increased entrepreneurial skills
  • Increased socio-economic status

Skill for Employment Investment Program (SEIP):

The project is implemented since July 2015. Under the project, Children’s or husbands of beneficiaries are given training for different trade and duration. Throughthe project beneficiaries are received training on electronics, automobile mechanics, mobile servicing, welding and fabrication and fashion garments.

Goal of the Project:

The goal of the project is to develop skilled workforce through skills training and therefore placing them in productive self and wage employment which will in turn improve their sustainable livelihood.


  • To Provide skill training for livelihood improvement
  • To build capacity of self-reliant
  • To support for employment creation.
  • To create on employment poor family’s environment


  • Youth development & employment creation
  • Livelihood development
  • Financial capacity increase


PACE (Generation and employment generation of entrepreneurs through manufacturing and marketing of Imitation gold jewelry) Project:

Shishu Niloy Foundation (SNF) launched “Generation and employment generation of entrepreneurs through manufacturing and marketing of Imitation gold jewelry” Prior to the PACE Project, SNF implemented very successfully and contributed significantly in poverty reduction and employment generation. The project duration is July, 2016 to June 2019.


The project goal is to enhance livelihoods (higher income from self-employment, business profit and wage employment, and food security) of the moderate and extreme poor (men and women) in a sustainable manner.


The development objectives are to increase sales and incomes from existing and new microenterprises and to create new wage employment opportunities for extreme and moderate poor people.

Implemented Area:

  • Financial service.
  • Technology and Information Dissemination.
  • Capacity Building and management.
  • Value Chain Development and Market Linkage.


Kuwait Goodwill Fund (KGF):

The project has been implementing through the regular and progressive minded members since September 2014 who have the ability to take loan much and can use it properly are eligible to take loan under the mainstream of program. This is depending upon the following matters:

  1. Financial Assistance through loan
  2. Ability development and technical support like as training, feedback, Field presentation as well as expansion of technology.


  • Poverty alleviation and employment creation.

 Implemented area:

  • Financial service.
  • Technology and Information Dissemination.
  • Capacity Building and management.
  • Value Chain Development and Market Linkage.

Agriculture and Fisheries Livestock Unit (AU & FLU):

The organization has been implementing successfully different agricultural based programs under different projects according to the demand and necessity through these programs loans are given with seasonal and conditions and congenial or sustainable technical logistic and technical support are given for these activities through AGRICULTURE Unit AND Fisheries & LIVESTOCK UNIT since 2013. For all these activities and projects in one side the food security is maintaining by increasing agricultural products in other side the stakeholder’s subsidiary income source has been increased and it is possible to carry on modern agricultural technology to the farmer’s doorsteps.


Through agricultural and livestock-based income generated effective implemented activities it is assured to create jobs, reduce poverty and to assure nutrition and food security in national level.


  • to provide useful, modern and environment-friendly agricultural technologies;
  • to establish market linkages of agricultural commodities;
  • to develop skilled manpower on farming technology
  • to assist in providing microfinance services considering the seasonality of agricultural activities.

Implemented areas:

  • Financial Service
  • Technology and Information Dissemination
  • Capacity Building and Management
  • Value Chain Development and Market Linkage