Microfinance Programs

(I) Jagoron :   

Under this program Shishu Niloy Foundation (SNF) is providing technical assistance and financial support only to the poor people whose age group member against on different small-scale farming and off-farming activities. Actually, the loan amount depends on the nature of project.

Goal: One the basic component is Jagron and its aims and objectives are to reduce poverty of the poor and Ultra poor through policy-oriented structure of microfinance program on which loan are disbursed with a view to making them self-reliant & standard livelihood.


  • To support credit for trading business for poor families’ livelihood improvement
  • To help socially empower for the poor families.
  • To support of technical training for development.
  • To support for training for agriculture and livestock development.
  • To involve a variety of social activities Poor accessibility
  • To create on employment poor family’s environment.

(Ii) Agrosor (Micro Enterprise Development):

Under this project Shishu Niloy Foundation (SNF) is providing technical assistance and financial support only to the people both male and female, whose are highly experienced to proper and successful handle and utilize the loan money.


  • Credit facility to the poor and disadvantaged who has little access to Banks and other financial institutions
  • To assist for sustainable environment and development
  • To create new employment opportunity and entrepreneurship development
  • To improve quality of life of the marginalized and small landholders

(III) Buniad Loan(Ultra Poor):

The main aim of the component is to disburse loan to the ultra-poor people which easy term and conditions by involving them into income generating activities. They will be made self- reliant and dignified in the society.


  • A minimum of twice a day to fill the demand for food nutrients
  • The primary treatment is to gain
  • Shelter and livelihood space to prevent Reborn
  • To support in different income activities
  • To increase social dignity
  • To be aware of in relation to civil rights

(IV) Sufolon:

Shishu Niloy Foundation (SNF) has been provided loan support against cow fattening activity. The borrowers will pay back the loan by one installment after selling the cattle. Under this project Shishu Niloy Foundation (SNF) is providing technical assistance and need-based sustainable loan support to the poor and marginal people. Through the component benificiaries able to establish knowledge, skill and capacity of the members on modern agriculture, effective and sustainable agriculture technologies, through which enhancing production, increasing expansion of agriculture sector and livelihood system.


  • To assist agriculture loan for small and marginal farmer for agriculture development as per demand.
  • To ensure employment create and entrepreneurship development increase their income
  • To assist agriculture development technology and new verities production