Shishu Niloy Foundation (SNF) is women headed organization based on collective action to establish rights and entitlement for the life and livelihood of deprived and distress people. Our approaches to program are integrated service delivery to the people in need and solve the issues with active participation of the community people. The design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all the programs are done with involving different stakeholders including program participants.

It has been working to improve the livelihood of the less privileged women and children since 1985. The organization is to improve the livelihood of the poor and hard-core poor especially for women and children through empowerment. Keeping the objectives in mind SNF has been implementing health, education, human rights, self-sustainable program, empowerment projects and programs at the grass root level. It extends its geographical areas in several districts of the country and at the same time it correlates, cooperates and builds rapport with international donor agencies, networks and countries.

Legal Status:

The Vision:

Shishu Niloy Foundation (SNF) envision is a gender, caste and class equal environment friendly poverty free society. In short:

  • To establish a united, peaceful developed society consisting of multiple social change factors.


The Mission:

  • To empower the poor people of the society for socio-economic development by providing support in Health, Education, Human Rights & Good Governance, Gender relation, Environment Development, Income generation, relief and Rehabilitation activities.



  • The overall goal of the organization is to develop the life status of the poor and hard core poor people, especially the women and children.