Social Development Program

SNF has been implementing different social development programs to fulfill its aims and objectives. Among them the main programs are on education, human rights, health and preservation of environment which are implemented by the organization through transparency and its clarity.

Socio-development Projects :

  • Education Program (Formal Primary, Non-formal primary, Pre-primary & Continue education).
  • Continue Domestic Violence Prevention & Intervention (CDVPI).

Education Program:

SNF has been implementing education program since 1988. So far, 36,657 children, women and men have got access to services of pre-primary education, primary education, non-formal education, adult education and continuous education.

Shishu Niloy Ideal School:

Shishu Niloy Ideal School has established as a primary education institution at the heart of Jessore town in 1988 for ensure quality education. SNIS provides learning opportunities from Play to class five. It also follows Government curriculum as well as other curriculum. Studies aimed at developing children’s talents in drawing, music hand writing contest, poetry contest, as well as learning several different competitions was organized by the school.


  • 100% passed in primary school Certificate (PSC) completion exam.
  • Shishu Niloy Ideal School arranged annual Sports.
  • Multiple days are observed.
  • Parents meeting has been held 4 times.
  • Present student
  • Model tests and three types of examination are held in each calendar year.

Number of present students: 210

Primary Education Programs:

Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE-Primary):

SNF started non-formal primary education with the financial assistance of BRAC Bangladesh since 1998. Up to 4 years in this project the students concerned study up to class five. Through the project the students are increasing their potential progressive, harmonious development through their own cultural programs incorporating games & sports, sit and draw picture competition, dance, recitation of poems and dramas.


  • 100% students have been promoted to classes.
  • In annual exam students obtained good result.
  • The students have provision of developing their potential talent through practicing their cultural programs.
  • Efficiency of the center has increased through skill training of the teachers.
  • Meetings, orientations and trainings have increased the capacity of the staff.
  • The guardians play major role to pass 100%.
  • Coordination between the GO-NGOs has increased.
  • SNF is plying important role to increase the rate of pass and living status of the disadvantaged people.

Number of present students    : 3261

Number of education center   : 112

Number of Teachers                : 101

Continue Education Centre:

In 2003, the Roktorin Gonokendra has started its journey in community management and planning with the financial and technical support of the Mass literacy campaign. The main objective of the center is to ensure management and participation of the community people. Continue education centers conduction remains progressive by their direct cooperation and assistance. The disadvantaged people are ensured fundamental education and sustainable socio-economic development.


  • Practice of literacy.
  • The center is used for information center and implemented various Gov. Activities, like Vaccination Programs, Polio Feeding Program and also loan collection program by this center.
  • A pre-primary education center is running.