Senior Management Team (SMT):

Senior Management Team (SMT) is the focal & key actor for making policies, implementing policies & procedures declared by along-with projects & programs taken by the organization in the field level consists of Department Head of the organization. All types of decision, direction and management of activities are handled by and the Executive Director leads this team. They take initiatives to prepare the draft of annual report, financial report, proposed budget and different policies & strategies on social development prospects and presented those to EC meeting for review and finalized.

Ms. Nasima Begum
Executive Director (ED)

M.S.S (RU), D.P.E.M.S (UK), D.C.B.D (Canada), L.C.H.D (Japan)

Md. Asif Ahsan Khan
Deputy Executive Director

M.S.S (Political Science), Rajshahi University

Md. Jahangir Alam
Director (MFP)

M.S.S (Political Science), National University

Rozina Akter
Director (SDP)

M.B.A (Finance)

Md. Esarot Ali
Deputy-Director (Finance)

M.A, National University

Md. Emamul Hossain
Deputy-Director (MFP)

M.S.S (Social Science), Jagannath University

B.M Ala Uddin Al Azad
Deputy-Director (Audit)

M.Com (Management), National University

Md. Abdul Alim
Deputy-Director (MFP-IT)

M.S.S (Sociology), Rajshahi University

Md. Shabuddin Shepon
Assistant Director (MFP)

M.S.S (Sociology), Rajshahi University

Md. Rafiqul Islam
Deputy-Director (MFP)

M.A (Islamic Studies), National University

Md. Mahfuz Hossain
Assistant Director (MFP)

M.A (Islamic Studies), National University

Md. Abul Hasan
Assistant Director (Admin)

M.S.S (Political Science), LLB, National University