Micro Finance Projects

Shishu Niloy Foundation has passed the fiscal year of 2021-2022 successfully. All plans that were taken by the organization for this year have been implemented properly though this function was not so smooth due to the presence of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is to be hoped that the prevalence of the epidemic situation has been reducing gradually but we could not completely free from it yet now. Despite of those obstacle, Shishu Niloy Foundation has invested it’s all-out effort to impellent smoothly its ongoing program like education, health, keeping smooth fund-flow in village economics, human rights, Environment, and Disaster Management etcetera program along with creating employment opportunities through patronizing entrepreneurship enhancing capacity building for the poor of its targeted area.

Scholarship program (2014)

Driving by the motto of ‘Education is the backbone of the nation’; the organization provides scholarships among the talented students of poor parents in its working area aiming to encourage getting an education.

ENRICH (Enhancing Resources & Increasing Capacities of Poor Households) (2014)

ENRICH project has been implemented with aim of alleviation overall poverty, sustainable development & human manifestation of poor households in Elangi Union of Kotchandpur Upazila under Jhenaidah District with the assistance of PKSF.

Adoloscent Prgram (2019)

Since 2019, Adolescent Program has been implemented in Elangi of Jhenaidah District with the assistance of PKSF to build a future generation with high values and ethics through raising awareness & exercise values, development of leadership & life-skill, nutrition & health service, and cultural & sports program.

Special savings scheme (2014)

A special savings scheme is a double scheme saving program for some selected persons who have to save a maximum of BDT 20,000 in two years and SNF will provide the same amount and also will offer flexible loans under ENRICH project in Elangi of Jhenaidah District.

Skill Development Program of Youth Society (2014)

SNF has been launching this project with the assistance of PKSF under ENRICH program to materialize the objectives of self-realization & leadership building, growing ethics & social values, stopping early marriage & drug connections and restraining immoral and antisocial functions of the youth in Elangi Union of Jhikorgacha District.

Enterprising Member Rehabilitation Program (2014)

Bringing back from the profession of alms of the beggars by setting off in the honorable profession through financial assistance worth BDT 100,000, monitoring & counseling; SNF has been implementing the Enterprising Member Rehabilitation Program in Elangi Union of Jhenaidah District.

Disabled Program

To fulfill the dream of the disabled to live relatively fluently, SNF has been implementing the Disabled Program for humanitarian reasons feeling in heart of the anguish of the disabled not being able to do their own necessary work in Elangi Union of Jhenaidah District.

Elderly People Program (2017)

SNF has started the Elderly People Program with the assistance of PKSF with the aim of developing the lifestyle of elderly people by bringing them into social safety through forming elderly committees at the Union & Ward level, conducting meetings, offering alimony allowance, distributing life-support materials, payment for the funeral of the deceased, awarded for the best elder alongside best son, health service program, and establish the elderly social center in Elangi of Jhenaidah District.

Social Advocacy and Knowledge Discrimination Unit (2016)

Bearing the aim of this project is to raise awareness on stopping early marriage and women’s violence prevention through discussion sessions, training, rally & various day observation; SNF has been implementing this project with the assistance of PKSF in Jhenaidah District.

Imitation Gold Jewelry under PACE Project (2016)

With the aim of income generation and employment creation of entrepreneurs through the production of imitation gold jewelry and marketing; SNF has been implementing Imitation Gold Jewelry under PACE Project since 2016 in Moheshpur Upazila of Jhenaidah District.

Sustainable Enterprise Project (SEP) (2020)

For enhance income and uplift lifestyle through demand-driven product intorducing modern technology & produce qualitative products by maintaining an environment-friendly working ambiance since 2020 with the help of World Bank and PKSF; SNF has been implementing SEP project in Jhenaidah and Jashore District.

Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP) (2015)

To enhance financial solvency of the organized group members conducting demand-driven skill developmental training among their offspring and  spouses of the member and creating employment for jobless youth; SNF has been implementing SEIP project in its working area.

Agriculture and Fisheries Unit (2013)

On the aim of providing appropriate technology and empirical support as well as offering loans with easy terms to the organized root-level group members according to their demands and necessity; Agriculture and Fisheries Unit has been implementing in Jashore & Jhenaidah District with the assistance of PKSF since 2013-2014.

Innovative Agricultural Initiative (IAI) (2019)

With the aim of development in the fisheries sector by introducing modern technology and applying mixed high-breed fry and meeting the demand for non-vegetarian food organizing training/workshops, field day observation & establishing demonstration plots; the IAI project has been being implemented.

Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) (2021)

To enhance productive inclusion for building resilience to shocks by focusing on the staircase approach of vulnerable people; SNF has been implementing the VGD project in Netrokona with the assistance of the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh since 2021.

Rural Microenterprise Transformation Project  (RMTP) (2022)

The RMTP has been implementing organizing  5000 people with the aim of ensuring food security, creating alternative income opportunities for group members, ensuring family nutrition security & skills of entrepreneurs, and producing safe food.