SNF has been implementing different social development programs to fulfill its aims and objectives. Among them the main programs are on education, human rights, health and preservation of environment which are implemented by the organization through transparency and its clarity.

Socio-development Projects :

  • Education Program 
  • Continue Domestic Violence Prevention & Intervention (CDVPI).
  • Vulnerable Group Development (VGD)

Shishu Niloy Ideal School

With the motto of ‘Education for All’, Shishu Niloy Foundation has been started its journey with educational institution for children of all classes named Shishu Niloy Ideal School. this school has established in the year of 1988 where teaching is done from infant to class 5. The school established in its own building has a total of 227 students to whom 8 dynamic and efficient teachers is been providing teaching.

Special characteristics of the school

  • A minimum tuition fee is charged which is affordable for all classes of people.
  • Provides free half-free opportunities to those who are unable to pay the tuition fee.
  • Celebrates special national, international, and religious days.
  • Organizes special events like annual sports & cultural programs, poem recitations, draw competitions etcetera.
  • Training is organized to improve the teaching quality of teachers.
    Blood test of students is conducted.
  • Students are weighed.
  • Students’ nutrition is measured.
  • Assessments have executed by taking monthly basis assignment.
Domestic Violence Prevention based Project
To prevent the domestic violation of women and the exoneration of the victims, the organization has been implementing a project with the support of MISEREOR-Germany. In the 2021-2022 financial year, this project has implemented with the title of Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention till December 2021, and the titled Domestic Oppression Prevention and Exoneration have being implementing since January 2022. Now this project has been implementing in three Upazilas of Jhenaidah and Jashore District to establish calm and happiness in the family by reducing domestic violence and ensuring gender balance.
Vulnerable Group Development (VGD)
Programs that offer staircases to build Household Resilience. 
Bangladesh has been focusing on the staircase approach and one pathway is to enhance productive inclusion (including public workfare) for building resilience to shocks since the 1990s.
Shishu Niloy Foundation has been implementing the VGD project among 2740 Cardholder Beneficiaries in 2 Upazilas of Netrokona District. Life and income skills training have been provided among those stakeholders under this project. Besides, 30 Kilograms of Bangladesh Government-provided nutrient rice have been distributed per month to each beneficiary and they deposit 200 (two hundred) taka as monthly savings which maintain in a GroupWise separate bank account. During this project period, said deposited amount will be created as a capital fund and it will create the opportunity for them to imbibe a loan that will help to enhance their income-generating activities. To ensure the sustainability of development results and to provide women with opportunities to further improve their livelihoods, the Government is trying to bring mainstream into regular NGO development programs after completing the cycle of VGD participants.