To rid of poverty, ensure food security & create entrepreneurship through fund creation, enhance production by applying modern technology & high-yielding seeds, introduce demand-driven technology & disseminate market information, and build market linkups; SNF has been implementing the microfinance program since 1991. Mainly two type program has been operated by Micorfinance Program, those are-
1. Savings Program and
2. Credit Program.

Savings Program
Savings brings prosperity to family & acts as a medium of investment and also helps to reduce expenditure. Actually, savings needs for the security of the future of a person or family. There is no alternative but savings to deal with any future uncertain situations. Saving enriches family and national life.
By controlling expenses with the compare of income keeping some money separatly for future use is called savings. Actually, savings is the result of moderation in present for consumption in future.
To create fund and involve with financial activities of poor, disadvantage and poorest rural and in limited extent of urban areas people, SNF has been organizing them and create a tendency to save since 1991. Members are organized with group consisting maximum 30 and they are convening in group meeting at a selected day per week with the chair of group chairman. In group meeting, representative of the organization takes up savings from them with proper document and discuss health consciousness, income generating, importancy of education and national important issues. Afterall SNF has been trying to achieve financial freedom fo poorest to lower middle-class people especially women by conducting savings program.

According to the demand of group members and following the rules of the Microcredit Regulatory Authority (MRA) and Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF), SNF has been implementing 3 types of savings. A total of 49,658 savers have been organized by the organization whose savings balance is 862,277,397.00 taka. The 3 types of savings introduced by SNF are as follows.

Types of Savings-

  • Compulsory Saving
  • Voluntary Savings
  • Long-Term Savings








Credit Program
Microfinance, whose proponent is Bangladesh has been accepted as a fruitful and more acceptable program in underdeveloped and developing world. It has introduced to the poor enterpreniours for the lack of easy access in the provision of micro loan & banking and banking related services.

Shishu Niloy Foundation has started its microfinance program since 1992 with the aim of keep smooth fund flow in rural economy, creat employment both of self and wage-basis, socio-economic upliftment of poorest to lower middle class people, hunt the innovations and improve the quality through technical and financial assistance and help the producer to qualify in market place, achieving food security by increasing agro-based production by introducing modern technology, high-breed seeds and providing financial assistance etc. From commencement to till now SNF has been contributing in socio-economic improvement of its working 10 districts with financial, technical, informational and other necessary assistance. To cope its targeted people with the changeable world, it has been implementing 16 loan components under microfinance program with easy terms & conditions by employing 484 fulltime and 65 parttime workforce. Information about mentioned components are given below in at a glance.

Introduction of Loan Component
Jagoron Loan Component
On the aim of reducing poverty, building self-reliance of poor people through organizing group members, creating a savings attitude, providing IGA training, and offering easy-term loan; the organization has been introducing the Jagoron Loan component since 1997 when it was launching as the name Rural Micro Credit (RMC) and from July’2014 taking the new name of Jagoron in its working area of 9 districts.
Agrosor Loan Component
Since 2005 the organization has been implementing a loan component named Micro Enterprise Loan (MEL) that has converted as an Agrosor Loan from July’2014 bearing in the heart the goal of creating self & wage-based employment and encouraging creating entrepreneurs in its entire working area of 9 districts.
Buniad Loan Component
Socio-economical uplifting for the extremely poor like day-laborer, van-rickshaw pullers, bigger, widows, divorcees, maidservants, woman haded family, sublease farmers etcetera; SNF has been introducing Buniad loan component that is a Bangla word which means foundation for the ultra poor people since 2004 previously known as Ultra Poor Program (UPP). Buniad Loan program has been introduced around 9 districts.
Sufolon Loan Component
For the betterment of small and marginal farmers alongside enhancing agro-base production Agriculture Sector Microcredit was introduced in 2008 and two years later Seasonal Loan Program was brought in. Later in 2014, the two loan products were merged and renamed Sufolon. SNF has been implementing this loan component in its entire working area.
KGF Loan Component
Due to extending the agricultural sector, enhancing agro-based production, ensuring food security & playing an important role in financial prosperity by providing financial support, and applying modern technology; SNF has been introducing KGF (Kuwait Goodwell Fund) supported by Kuwait which is a project of 6 months tenured agro-based agricultural loan since 2008 in its working area.
IGA Loan Component
Under IGAL, eligible household members can take loans for more than one activity or for the expansion of activity to increase their income to which training for skill development and upgrading, marketing assistance, and other necessary services are routinely provided. In this context, economic activities with the potential for productivity growth are selected. SNF has been providing this service in Elangi Union of Kotchandpur Upazila under Jhenaidah District which a maximum service charge rate is 24% on a declining balance method.
AC Loan Component
The Asset Creation Loan (ACL) is designed to assist a household in acquiring any kind of productive asset that offers a ceiling for a household is BDT 30,000 and has charged a rate of 8% service charge. This service has been introduced by SNF in Elangi of Kotchandpur Upazila under Jhenaidah District under ENRICH Project.
LI Loan
To make available for repairing houses, the purchase of necessary household gadgets, and taking other actions related to livelihood improvement including defraying expenses for social functions such as the marriage of a daughter or a son; SNF has been providing this loan with the ceiling of BDT 10,000 bearing 8% service charge in Elangi at Kaligonj of Jhenaidah under ENRICH project.
Agrosor-MDP Loan Component
Due to patronize cluster based entrepreneurship (which is only banana cultivation, betel leaf husbandry, pisciculture, vegetable farming, and beef fattening); Agrosor-MDP loan component has been introducing by SNF in its working area that offers a ceiling is BDT 10,00,000/-.
To rehabilitate enpreneours whose enterprise has been harmed by COVID-19 both of including and excluding of cluster, the organization has been reaching the financial assistance among them which ceiling is BDT 10,00,000/- under the AGROSOR MDP-AF Loan Compnent.
Agrosor-SEP Loan Component
On the aim of help to introduce perfect technology, enhance marketing capability, assists to branding including achieve environmental sustainability; Agrosor-SEP loan component has been introducing by SNF since 2019.
SEP- CSL Loan Component
To make a more environmental-friendly working ambiance that directed cluster-based business or enterprise and produce revenue, SNF has been implementing CSL loan under the SEP project since February 2022 that offers a maximum of BDT 200,000 with easy terms like minimum rate of service charge & long terms in its working area.
Innovative Agricultural Initiative (IAI)
As a part of helping to farm highly-value indigenous fish; the Innovative Agricultural Initiative (IAI) has been introduced among fish cultivators under Buniad, Jagoron, Sufolon, and Agrosor Component since April 2019 in Monirampur & Jhekorgacha Upazila of Jashore District. The aim of this project is to uplift fish farmers to self-reliance offering a maximum amount of BDT 10,00,000 to enhance fish production by applying modern technology.
Livelihood Restoration Loan (LRL)
To reanimate & manage livestock sector activities and to rehabilitate those marginal & small farmers, small and cottage industries, educated jobless youth, and returned overseas workers who are affected by COVID-19 & Cyclone Amphan; SNF has been implementing this specialized program since September 2020 with the assistance of PKSF. The targeted people under Jagoron, Agrosor, Buniad & Sufolon components and the trained & jobless youth of ENRICH & SEIP are considered for service of this project and the loan ceiling of this project is BDT 100000.
LRL-2nd Phase Loan Component
By considering the importance, necessity & demand of LRLP alongside to reanimate the projects damaged by COVID-19; the organization has been introducing the LRL-2nd Phase in its working area with a loan ceiling of BDT 50000 since 2021 by refinance of PKSF.
Revolving Refinance Scheme (RRS)
To reanimate & manage low-earner professionals, marginal farmers & small traders; the RRS loan component has been implementing since December 2020 with the finance of the bank. The loan ceiling of this project is BDT 75000 for the members under the Jagoron loan component following the procedures of the Agrosor component.