With the aim of developing the socio-economically of underprivileged, oppressed, poor, and lower-middle-class people especially women and children of 10 districts of Khulna and Mymensingh division; the Shishu Niloy Foundation has been established whose central office is located in the heart of Jashore by the outstanding efforts of some philanthropists at 1985. The organization has been implementing 18 social development projects by 100 workforces to improve social, humanitarian and moral development and 16 loan components under microfinance program as compatible loan amongst its organized people applying various reasonable rate of service charge by 484 workforces with which 121,198 households are involved directly. The aim of microfinance program is to create entrepreneurs, generate self & wage-based employment, introduce modern technology, disaster management, ensuring climate friendly environment in production which overall contribute to achieve successfully SDG-2030 declared by Bangladesh Government.


Registration Authority Registration Number Year
Department of Social Service, Jashore Jashore 7/85, 9th May, 1985 1985
Department of Health & Family Planning, Jashore FO. J03/88, 13th March, 1988 1988
NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh DSS/FER/461/91, 11th April, 1991 1991
Registration of Joint Stock Companies & Firms Khulna-1988, 19th November, 2006 2006
Registration of Divisional Primary Education, Khulna Registration Number 4/4-27/06 2006
Microcredit Regulatory Authority, Dhaka No. 05136-00895-00001, 5th September, 2007 2007


To establish a united peaceful developed society consisting of multiple social factors


To empower the poor people of the society for socio-economic development by providing support in health, education, human rights & good governance, gender relation, environment development, income generation, relief and rehabilitation activities.


The overall goal of the organization is to develop the life status of the poor and hardcore poor people, especially the women and children.


Types of Staff Male Female Toal
Ful-Time 387 049 436
Part-Time 001 126 127
Volunteers 116 043 169
TOTAL 504 218 722


  • Personal Manual
  • Financial Management Manual
  • Loan & Saving Policy
  • Gender Policy
  • Child Right Policy
  • SNF Staff Health Surakha Fund (SHSF) Policy
  • Money Laundering Prevention Policy
  • Policy Related to Protecting Female Workers from Potential Sexual Harassment Workplace