SNF has been running with its Micro Finance program since 1992 with the objective of organizing the poor, ultra-poor and dispossessed women and creating a habit of savings and investing in them, by creating groups that disbursed loans to them. SNFis providing technical assistance and financial support against feasible income generating activities. The organization has created revolving Loan Fund (RLF) by the financial support of Netherland Embassy, MISEREOR-Germany, Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF), organizational own fund and group’s savings deposited through its beneficiaries. SNF is being implementing 3 types of savings product (i) Compulsory Savings, (ii) Voluntary Savings(Profit based Savings), (iii) Long Term Savings (LTS) among its members.


  • Jagoron
  • Agrosor (Micro Enterprise Development)
  • Buniad Loan (Ultra Poor)
  • Sufolon
  • KGF-Sufolon
  • Microenterprise Development Project (MDP)
  • Sustainable Enterprise Project (SEP)
  • IGA, Livelihood & Assets Creation Loan
  • Microenterprise Development Project (MDP-AF)
  • LRLP
  • RRS


To liberate the poor and marginalized people from poverty and to make them productively self-reliant.


  • To reduce poverty by generating more income and create ample scope to self-employment, SNF offer credit support among its organized stakeholders.
  • Creating members savings by engendering habits of deposit.
  • Bring in socio-economic development of the members credit.
  • Materialize greater savings from the increased income.
  • Priorities women in credit activities to get them directly linked with productive activities and in the process provide opportunities for their family income.
  • Provide different type of awareness and skill building trainings.
  • Create employment opportunities of the people in the members families who are unemployed or underemployed.
  • Better quality of lives and improve overall relations between men and women.